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The Luther effect in Eastern Europe : history, culture, memory

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Winfried Eberhard: Reformation and Lutheranism in Eastern Europe. Conflicts to Assert Confessional and Estates Identities in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Competetition and Tolerance

Matthias Weber: Confessional Co-Existence and Religious Peace in East-Central Europe

Maciej Ptaszyński: Beginning or End of the Reformation? Reactions to the 1548 Augsburg Interim in Poland

Edit Szegedi: The Reception of Luther in Transylvania. The Cluj Antitrinitarians and the Wittenberg Reformer in the Sixteenth Century

Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg: The Lutherans in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Threatening Communications, National Assumptions and Cultural Positioning

Kolja Lichy: Against Luther´s `Satanism´? Catholic Reform and Lutheran Reformation in East-Central Europe

Empire, Lands and Regions

Bernhart Jähnig: The Significance of Königsberg in the Reception and Propagation of the Reformation in East-Central Europe

Kęstutis Daugirdas: Between Luther, Calvin and the Antitrinitarians. The Early Development of the Reformation in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Eva Kowalsdá: Competitors and Allies. Lutherans and Reformed in the Kingdom of Hungary During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Péter Ötvös: Religious Refugees in the Habsburg Monarchy. A Case Study on Austrian Lutherans in Hungary During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

The Spread of Ideas and Knowledge

Anja Rasche: Reformation in the Hanseatic Area. Merchants, Books and Sanctions

Detlef Haberland: Luther and Reformation Printing in Eastern Europe

Joachim Bahlcke: Book-Smuggling. Supplying East-Central European Protestants with Bibles, Cantionals and Lutheran Devotional Literature During the Counter-Reformation

Architecture and Visual Media

Jan Harasimowicz: Protestant Early Modern Church Architecture Between Szczecin, Königsberg und Wrocław

Grażyna Jurkowlaniec: Confessional Images? The Luther Bible and Sixteenth-Century Biblical Illustrations in Poland

Krista Kodres: Translations. Conveying Reformation Ideas Through Architecture and Visual Media in the Eastern Baltic Region

Evelin Wetter: Demarcation and Self-Affirmation. The Role of Pre-Reformation Church Furnishings in Transylvania

Reception and Remembrance

Anna Mańko-Matysiak: Remembrance Cultures. Tracing Images of Luther in Poland

Wilhelm Hüffmeier: Help for Protestants Under Pressure. The Support Offered to the Protestant Diaspora in East-Central Europe by the Gustav-Adolf Charity in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Martin Zückert: Differentiation and Integration: Lutheran Traditions and Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Czechoslovakia

Katrin Boeckh: Confessional Identities and Transnational Networks: Lutheran and Reformed Conversions Among Ukranians in Galicia (1925-1939)

Maria Skiba, Frank Pschichholz (The Schoole of Night): Polish and Lithuanian Songs of the Reformation: Notes on Their History and on Modern Performance Practices

Malgorzata Balcer: The Protestant Church of Peace 'of the Holy Spirit' in Jawor: A Lieu de Mémoire for Germans and Poles




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